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Aerial Work Platforms near Chicago (Chicagoland), IL

Scissor Lifts
  • Aichi is the only company in the industry to offer scissor lifts with AC motor technology and a one-of-a-kind inverter design for extended duty cycles and faster traveling speeds (1.5 times better than previous models).
  • With a 90-degree steering angle maneuvering in tight places is made simple.

Boom Lifts

  • Feature a standard harsh environment package including wipers on the boom sections, boots on the cylinders, and protection on pivots and bearing points.
  • Proportional control systems provides smooth and precise positioning of the unit in the most critical of areas.
Crawler Boom Lifts in IL

Crawler Boom Lifts

  • Designed for rough terrain and allow a 16-17 inch clearance and 55 percent gradeability.
  • The Aichi track system allows for a very low pressure of 11 to 14 psi, allowing the machine to travel on soft surfaces.
Wheeled Boom Lifts in Illinois

Wheeled Boom Lifts

  • The unique three stage boom lift permits for the industry’s most compact stowed position.
  • Offers operators a larger working range (from stowed position to horizontal outreach) without ever moving the boom lift.
  • A shorter stowed length makes parking simple and can reduce transportation costs as both a boom and scissor lift can fit on an average trailer.
  • Maintenance is simplified with more accessible parts and a pull-out system for easy maintenance of most components.

Equipment Warranty

2-year basic

3-year hydraulic

5-year structural