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Forklift Operator Training & Safety Course

This class is now available in English and Spanish!

Atlas Toyota Material Handling Company has been presenting the most comprehensive OSHA compliant powered industrial truck (forklift) operator safety training programs for over 28 years. We incorporate OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910.178 and extensive field technical experience into a detailed, yet understandable safety class format. Let Atlas help you make your forklift safety program a success to reach your accident-free goal.

The objective of these courses is to provide formal training in the correct use and safe procedures of operating powered industrial forklift trucks.

Conducted at either our Elk Grove Village or Bedford Park, Illinois facilities, this course is designed to fulfill OSHA’s requirement that “only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate powered industrial trucks.”

This training program is applicable for Electric, LPG, Gasoline or Diesel operated powered industrial trucks. Trainees must pass a written test and an operator performance evaluation test. OSHA requires a written test with pass/ fail standards. The program material is available in English or Spanish.  

All In-House forklift safety training courses held at our facilities will include:

  • Formal classroom training including a lecture, training manuals, videos and demonstrations given by a qualified safety instructor.
  • A written examination at the conclusion of the classroom session.
  • Performance evaluation exercises related to job duties.
  • Certificate of achievement and operating permit for each trainee that successfully completes and passes the course exam and evaluation.

NOTE: Within 7-10 business days upon successfully completing a training program, the trainee will receive a Certificates of Achievement, written tests, performance evaluation sheets, course data sheets, and operator license.

  • injuries and accidents associated with powered industrial trucks
  • design features of powered industrial trucks
  • stability triangle system( balance system)
  • OSHA regulation 29 CFR 19110.178 requirements
  • data plate information
  • pre-operation inspection procedure
  • rules for safe industrial operation
  • operator written and performance evaluation test 

Operator safety Classes:  8am-1:30pm

Forklift Operator Safety Training Class: $95.00 per person
-Atlas account, credit card, money order or cash accepted.

Individual walk-ins are welcome and can register at 7:45 AM the day of class.

On-site training is available at your facility. Please contact  training department for cost and schedule

OSHA Forklift Operator Safety Class Schedule

Classes Conducted at:
Atlas Toyota Material Handling Company
1815 Landmeier Rd

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Class Hours:  8am-1:30pm
Wednesday, 15  November
Wednesday, 13  December
Wednesday, 10  January
Wednesday, 14  February
Wednesday, 14  March
Wednesday, 11  April
Wednesday, 16  May
Wednesday, 13  June

Classes Conducted at:
Atlas-First Access
Toyota Material Handling Company
6400 W 73rd St
Bedford Park,
IL 60638

Class Hours:  8am-1:30pm
Friday, 17  November–Cancelled
Friday, 15  December
Friday, 12  January
Friday, 16  February
Friday, 16  March
Friday, 13  April
Friday, 18  May
Friday, 15  June

Spanish Speaking Operator Classes
Conducted at:
Atlas-First Access
Toyota Material Handling Company
6400 W 73rd St
Bedford Park, IL 60638

Class Hours:  8am-1:30pm
Monday, 8  January
Monday, 12  March
Monday, 14  May


For inquiries contact 
Leo Beer: 
Training Dept. (708)325-0649   
Email  training@atlastoyota.com

Jaime Munguia:
Trainer (224) 478-3159 

Fax (708) 496-2391

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