Warehouse Fleet Management

Track your total equipment maintenance history and cost efficiently, improve the health and uptime of your fleet and plan assets ahead of time by taking control of your warehouse’s analytics. 

Atlas Toyota’s fleet solutions are customized for customers with fleets of all sizes. Schedule a consultation today.


  • Maintain Service & Parts History
  • Standardize Processes
  • Manage Driver Access
  • Reduce Equipment Misuse
  • Oversee Digital OSHA Operator Checklists


  • View Equipment Life Cycle
  • Manage Rentals
  • Analyze Replacement Value
  • Track Assets Virtually


  • See Real-Time Metrics
  • Reduce Uptime Costs
  • Minimize Fleet Inefficiencies
  • Define Cost-Saving Opportunities

The Atlas Advantage

What We Do:

Atlas takes a flexible approach to identify inefficiencies, improve compliance, and drive savings throughout your material handling environment.

How We Do It:  

We develop and analyze your Material Handling operation to create measurable data points that drive fact based decision making and offer solutions for asset management and driver compliance.

Start improving your operations today.