operator training class

Training courses meet and exceed OSHA Regulations  for Training -OSHA 29CFR 1910.178 (l) and ANSI Standards for Training ANSI B56.1a-2018

OSHA does not recognize on-line web based training. Certification training must be conducted by an authorized instructor.

OSHA 1910.178(l)(2)(ii)   Training shall consist of a combination of formal instruction, practical training (demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee), and evaluation of the operator’s performance in the workplace.

OSHA 1910.178(l)(2)(iii)   All operator training and evaluation shall be conducted by persons who have the knowledge, training and experience to train powered industrial truck operators and evaluate their competence.


(this is a one day class)


9/07Elk Grove Village, IL – CLASS FULL
9/20Bedford Park, IL (Spanish / Español)
9/21Bedford Park, IL
10/05Elk Grove Village, IL
10/18Elk Grove Village, IL (Spanish / Español)
10/19Bedford Park, IL
11/02Elk Grove Village, IL
11/16Bedford Park, IL

11/22Bedford Park, IL (Spanish / Español)
12/07Elk Grove Village, IL
12/20Elk Grove Village, IL (Spanish / Español)
12/21Bedford Park, IL

* Please arrive by 7:45 AM  for check-in

    Training Class Cost

    Base Class:  

    Sit-Down Counterbalanced Forklift   

    Optional Same-Day Certifications:   


    Reach Truck

    Order Picker

    Pallet Truck    


    (per attendee)


    (per attendee / per truck)

     Elk Grove Village

    8 AM – 3 PM

    1815 Landmeier Road

    Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

    Bedford Park

    8 AM – 3 PM

    6400 W 73rd Street

    Bedford Park, IL 60638

    Course Covers:

    • Operating instructions, warnings and precautions
    • Operation of industrial trucks propelled by electric, gas, LP or diesel
    • Differences between forklifts and automobiles
    • Truck controls and instrumentation
    • Types of powerplants and propulsion
    • Steering and maneuvering
    • Visibility restrictions
    • Fork / attachment adaptation
    • Vehicle capacity and Name Plate information
    • Vehicle stability and 3 point stability triangle
    • Pre-operational safety inspections
    • Propane and battery safety
    • Operating limitations / load composition
    • Floor & surface conditions / operating on inclined surfaces
    • Load manipulation. Stacking and unstacking
    • Pedestrian safety rules
    • Narrow aisle operation
    • Hazardous environment (classified) locations
    • Enclosed environments and noxious gasses

    Course Includes:

    • 47 page Operator’s Training Manual
    • Formal classroom training with instructor
    • Formal OSHA-compliant written examination (for certification)
    • Formal OSHA-compliant performance evaluation test (for certification)
    • Individual hands-on practical training with instructor
    • Certificate of Course Completion*
    • Permit Card*
    • Employer Certification Form*

    * Documents to be emailed within 10 days of successful completion of the course

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      Atlas Account Customers:

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        • Credit Card for COD customers
        • Money Order
        • Cash
        • No personal checks

      Non-Account Customers:

        • Cash on Day of Class
        • Money Order on Day of Class
        • Credit Card Payment One Week Prior
          to Class Date
        • No Credit or Debit Cards Accepted on
          Day of Class

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          OSHA (B56.1a-2018) – The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely as demonstrated by successful completion of the training and evaluation specified in this paragraph (L).

          OSHA (B56.1a-2018) – Prior to permitting an employee to operate a powered industrial truck (except for training purposes), the employer shall ensure that each operator has successfully completed the training required by this paragraph (L).

          Questions About Training?

          Contact the Atlas Toyota Training Department:

          Leo Beer

          Training Department Director

          OSHA Outreach Instructor  |  Corporate Technical & Safety Instructor

          Jaime Munguia

          Safety Training Instructor

          Corporate Safety Instructor  |  Bi-lingual Safety Instructor