Trusted Material Handling Equipment Service Provider in Chicago, IL

Atlas is the trusted material handling equipment service provider in Chicago, IL, we offer unmatched expertise in the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of industrial vehicles and equipment. Atlas Companies’ certified technicians can service any make and model of forklift, pallet jack, aerial work platform, floor cleaning equipment, and other utility vehicle. We understand how crucial your forklifts and utility equipment are to your business, which is why we offer on-call technicians and minimal wait times to ensure your equipment is up and running to prevent further delay in production.

Atlas Toyota Material Handling also offers expert fleet management and maintenance services, battery upkeep and charging, forklift repairs, and extended planned maintenance programs that will save you both time and money. Contact us today to learn how we can best serve you.

Fleet Management and Maintenance

Are you looking for reliable fleet management services that will supply you with the vehicles and equipment you need without the burden of ownership? At Atlas Toyota Material Handling, we offer comprehensive management, maintenance, and repairs for a wide range of industrial vehicles, including:

Our service technicians have decades of experience with all makes and models of equipment. Whether you’re experiencing a motor failure, hydraulic issue, or simply need a tune-up for your equipment, we’ll ensure your vehicles are functioning optimally for a reasonable price.

Our fleet management services offer easy lease options and effective operator training to keep your staff up to date on the latest machinery. From battery servicing to certified pre-owned sales, when it comes to industrial and warehouse equipment, we’re your first, best choice.

Battery Servicing

When it comes to maintaining a fleet of electric utility equipment, ensuring the battery life of your vehicles can be a constant challenge. We offer convenient and affordable battery servicing that will keep your vehicles running reliably for years. We also carry a huge inventory of new batteries for purchase, battery handling systems, battery maintenance and safety supplies, chargers, and battery monitoring products. Our on-site technicians can come to your location and ensure your fleet is powered up and ready to roll!

We also offer affordable ongoing maintenance packages that can spot and resolve minor mechanical issues before they result in costly repairs and replacements. Contact us today to schedule a battery consultation and evaluation.

Forklift and Cleaning Equipment Repairs

You rely on your forklift and cleaning equipment to keep your warehouse running smoothly, so who do you rely on when that equipment starts to break down? At Atlas Toyota Material Handling, we offer unmatched maintenance expertise at affordable prices. We have more than 100 certified technicians on our team, and each member has an average of over 17 years of experience.

We conduct 24/7 emergency repairs at our facilities throughout the Greater Chicago area, and we can come to your location just as easily. We guarantee a four-hour maximum response time to ensure your company doesn’t have to slow down production. We offer a wide variety of services including mechanical repairs and replacements, battery services, and fleet management leasing programs that can ensure you can focus on your business and not everyday maintenance concerns.

We’ve built a reputation in Chicago, IL, for reliable repairs and unmatched customer service, and we’ll strive to exceed your expectations. Reliable service and reasonable prices are standard features when you visit Atlas Toyota Material Handling today.

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